Colorado Cider Tasting Tray

Brewer : Colorado Cider Company
Finally catching up on this stuff. Way back almost a year ago now, we went and checked out the Colorado Cider Company. We got this taster tray of all the ciders they offer.

Cider time. Top to bottom
Glider- a crisp apple flavor. Smells a tiny bit boozy. Good thought

Glider dry- very sharp crispness. Barely there apple flavor.

Pome Mel- smells very strong of rosemary and a little lavender. Very strong honey sweetness followed by a flavor that was like a rosemary lavender soap bar.

Ol’ stumpy- zero smell. Pretty oaky and not sweet. A little acidic.

Grasshop-ah – smells like lemon tea. Flowery flavor and lemons. Also more sweetness than the others. Interesting definitely.

Pearsnickety – smells like straight plain cider. Taste is sweeter than the Glider and no pear flavor. Good though.

Uvana – Glider dry cider flavor up front with a white wine end. Kinda weird.

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Crooked Stave Vieille Artisanal Saison

Brewer : Crooked Stave
Beer : Vieille Artisanal Saison
Official Description : Vieille meaning “Old” is our artisinal barrel-aged Saison, lightly dry hopped. Each batch release is a diverse blend of Vieille casks that have taken on a soft Brettanomyces character before being lightly dry hopped. Dominated by a floral, citrusy hop character, a subtle herbal note and a tart finish, Vieille’s character exemplifies artisan Saisons.

Ingredients :
Style : Saison
ABV : 4.20%

Drinkable : My girlfriend was awesome and got this for me after having a few tasters at Crooked Stave’s barrel room. I have seen this bottle on store shelves with all kinds of extra notes about being in different barrels, with different yeast, etc. I don’t think this is any of those special varieties just the straight standard original release. Smell is oaky and yeasty. Earthy and woody and a little sour/tart. Reminds me of Trinity’s seven day sour flavor wise. It is way less sour, but same kind of flavor. Pretty darn good, that little bottle is just so darn expensive.

Buy Again : I would, but I can’t justify the $6-9 for these little bottles very often.

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Moab Brewery Desert Select Scotch Ale

Brewer : Moab Brewery
Beer : Desert Select Scotch Ale
Official Description :

Our Scotch ale or “Wee Heavy,” was included in this series to pay tribute to the hearty Scots who have enjoyed rich, full ales for centuries. This ale was traditionally made with malt dried in peat-fired ovens. This leaves a slightly smoky flavor adding to the malt character. “Wee Heavy” is made with fine Two Row barley and a portion of smoked malt, English hops, pure Moab water and Scottish yeast. It is aged in French oak and bottle conditioned. “Wee Heavy” is a brown-ruby rich color and has a sweet malt character.
The Scotch Ale pairs well with sharp cheddars and aged gruyère cheese, roasted beef, smoked salmon, grilled lamb, and large game dishes. Brilliant with sticky toffee pudding or chocolate chip shortbread.

Ingredients :
Style : Scotch Ale/ Wee-heavy
ABV : 8.59%

Drinkable : The final beer that I picked up on my travels through Moab. The smell is a sweet caramely. Taste is malty and sweet. While sweet it is balanced. Very tasty.

Buy Again : Definitely. Another winner from Moab.

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Brouwerij Bosteels Pauwel Kwak

Brewer : Brouwerij Bosteels
Beer : Pauwel Kwak
Official Description : Full-bodied Belgian Specialty Ale. Amber in color with beautiful foam and slightly sweet, seductive malt character. Rich, satisfying Belgian experience.

Ingredients :
Style : Belgian Strong Ale
ABV : 8.00%

Drinkable : Kwak in the appropriate Kwak glasses. This beer is apparently a favorite of a friend and he decided he had to share it with me since I’d never had it before. Onto the beer. Taste is caramel toffee and a sweet maltyness. Different and tasty. It is hard to describe since it doesn’t quite match up to anything else.

Buy Again : Definitely

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Abita Lemon Wheat

Brewer : Abita Brewing
Beer : Lemon Wheat
Official Description : Lemon Wheat (May-September) is a crisp, refreshing beer made with lemon peel for a fresh citrus taste and aroma. This unfiltered brew has a hazy, golden color and is made with lager and wheat malts, Centennial hops and Biere de Garde yeast. This brew is an excellent choice with many dishes. It pairs wonderfully with salads if the dressing is not too sweet. Great with shrimp, lobster or any fish, even the most delicate.

Ingredients :
Style : Wheat Ale
Color : 7 SRM
ABV : 4.40%
IBU’s : 18

Drinkable : Without really having tasted beer this beer is what you would think a lemon wheat beer would taste like. Pretty lemony on the end. It is weird one since it is the taste your mind expects, but it just isn’t very good.

Buy Again : No

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Trinity Brewing Sunna Wit and 7 Day Sour

Another trip back to Trinity to try a few more beers.
Left to Right :

Sunna Wit – Wit smells very wheaty. Mouth feel is almost creamy. Little wheat and citrus. Very nice.

7 Day Sour – Sour is very tart and lemony. Pretty tasty but slow drinking. My girlfriend wanted nothing to do with this. She also threatened to order another beer if I kept taking so long to drink it.

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Red Leg Brewing Blue Nose Brown and Cutter Wit

So these guys are the new guys in town. They opened up just this summer and have steadily made a name for themselves in their little whole in the wall tap room. I’m a little late getting this up, since we were there the first weekend they ran out of beer way back in July. I haven’t had a chance to go back, but if the beer is anywhere as good as it was last time it will be well worth the trip. On to the beers.

Left to Right :
Cutter Wit – Wit is very light and lemony. Smell is more orange though. Very easy and nice to drink.

Blue Nose Brown – Brown is a light roast and light chocolate. A little earthy. I had to have help finishing this one since it was a bit more beer than I was expecting. Delicious though.

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Colorado Mountain Monumental Stout

Brewer : Colorado Mountain Brewery
Beer : Monumental Stout
Official Description : The Stout begins with a rich, roasted coffee bouquet and progresses through an array of milk and dark chocolates flavors, finishing with a medium malt body.

Ingredients :
Style : Stout
ABV : 5.70%

Drinkable : Smell is pretty roast. Taste is a roasty chocolate. Very creamy mouth feel.

Buy Again : Not bad and if I went back I’d probably get this again.

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Victory Summer Love

Brewer : Victory Brewing
Beer : Sumer Love
Official Description : There are plenty of reasons to love summer, and here is one great one! German hops and pale malt blend beautifully to create this refreshing taste of summer. This light-bodied ale casts a golden hue reminiscent of the summer sun shining high above the City of Philadelphia. It was commissioned of us by the Greater Philadelphia Tourism and Marketing Corporation in order to capture the essence of a city that is rich in history and in flavor. Share and feel the ‘Love this summer as tourists and locals alike flock to your restaurant or bar!

Ingredients :
Style : Blond Ale
ABV : 5.30%
Malts : Imported 2 row German malts
Hops : Whole flower; Tettnang Tettnang, Simcoe and Citra

Drinkable : Smell is very floral, maybe orange blossom. A not much at first then an orangey/citrusy hoppy middle. Some straw in there towards the end. I wasn’t really liking this to start but it started to grow on me.

Buy Again : After the Trinity Horkey ale, I don’t think this was the best follow up beer. The floral was just a bit too much for me so probably not.

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Trinity Brewing Soul Horkey

Brewer : Trinity Brewing
Beer : Soul Horkey
Official Description : The flagship of our house brewed beers. Soul is a special recipe that combines ancient English tradition with newer Belgian influences. As a session ale built for true malt heads, this ale demonstrates the true depth and diversity of malt by blending 9 highest quality malts in a dry balance with Chinook and Kent Golding hops.

Ingredients :
Style : Traditional English Ale?
ABV : 5.50%
Hops : Chinnok, Kent Golding

Drinkable : Roasty, malty smell. The overwhelming smell of hops in the taproom makes it hard to smell anything. Medium roast flavor and a little earthy. Easy drinking and very nice.

Buy Again : I would.

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